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Throwback Fever

Lets take it to the early 20s. Some of us were kids or teenagers. I remember admiring TLC, Destiny’s Child, Ashanti and many others. I would …

the denim work look

The Denim Work Look

The Denim Work Look Have you ever tried wearing denim to work or to a casual meeting? Remember loving the comfort and…

Breakfast Recipe: Banana Milkshake

Breakfast Recipe: Banana Milkshake Looking for a quick-fix drink? Why not try your hands on a banana milkshake then? It’s super easy to make …

Corporate Drapes #159 Game Face

Corporate Drapes #159: Game Face

Corporate Drapes #159: Game Face The weekend is over *crying* time to put on your game face, get serious and have a fulfilled week. Be an overachie…


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