Lace For Different Occasions

The versatility of the lace fabric makes it a must have for every woman with style. Lace can be feminine, formal and grown up which means it can be worn to dinners, church and even to the office… yeah even to the office… and it can be provocative, sultry and sexy which can be worn for night outs, fun times and casual outings.  

In our previous articles (see HERE & HERE) we gave you tips on how to make the best of your lace fabrics…now we will be talking about how you can rock your lace fabrics to different occasions and pull-off different looks .

Office look: 


When you want to wear lace to the office, try to keep it polished not crude. Pick a neutral colour, a bold colour will seem too daring for a conservative place like an office also don’t go with sheer, try using thicker lace prints as these are more appropriate.

Semi-formal outings: 


For outings like this you don’t want to be overly formal and you don’t want to look too sexy… so you can get an outfit that mixes formal and sexy. The combination of these 2 leaves you looking grown up and feminine.

Provocative and sexy look: 


When pulling off this look don’t be afraid to accentuate your curves and reveal a little or bare it all… Lol.

Casual look: 


This is a very easy look to pull of, just go with whatever you are comfortable with. You can pair it with anything from men inspired outfit: sneakers, tees, boyfriend jeans and sweatshirts to statement jewellery and so on.

 When all is said and done… every girl should have at least 2 lace pieces in her wardrobe…men like it in every form, size and colour.

Kamdolls, would you where do you wear your lace outfits to? please leave your comments below… xoxo

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