Christmas Eve Big and Beautiful Inspo: Rasputia Latimore From Norbit!

ok, ok- I know that for those who have seen the movie Norbit (if you haven’t, I worry about you) you know that character wise, Rasputia was not exactly the nicest person. She was constantly angry, always cranky and a general nag. She, however, had one thing that nobody could take away from her and that is CONFIDENCE!

Raputia is the only woman who can walk into a room and convince everybody (or try to) that she’s sexy.

Now please note that Rasputia was portrayed in Norbit as ‘morbidly obese‘ and if you are at that weight, the honest truth is that it is dangerous and you need to do better. However, there is still something to be learnt from Rasputia and that is; if you love yourself, nobody can ever bring you down.


Kanyinsola Ojeshina

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