Fashion For Church #66: For The Love Of Christmas

christmas , fashion for churchThis “Christmassy feeling” is happening everywhere in the world with lots of people sharing all the love they can give and looking as good as they can. Today is no day for admonishments but simply telling you to share love and happiness. Making sure your neighbour is as happy as you are!

See some after-church style inspiration to rock if you have any event to go!

15625231_1882580321965651_9033987906363981824_nCredit via Instagram @stylepantry

15539039_704681839708703_6503024113316003840_nCredit via Instagram @prissysavvy

15625214_1701498216827930_307568462106984448_nCredit via Instagram @miss_kaypee

14582486_1787712288136680_3883604051467698176_nCredit via Instagram @chanelambrose

15624173_222169464905547_5807445853262053376_nCredit via Instagram @stylecheckbydee

Vickie O.

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