Corporate Drapes #376: Outfits That Speak Power!

outfits that speak classBelieve it or not, your outfit tells others how much of a person you are! Like the saying goes “You are addressed the way you are dressed” isn’t going to fade anytime soon. If you walk into a banking hall and looking tacky for an appointment, be sure that the appointment will be rescheduled (if they are being polite with you) or you will be poorly treated.

When you dress appropriately, the type of outfit that speaks influence, class and status, you will definitely get the preferential treatment. It’s just simple logic. Dress with class and power if you want respect!

How to achieve this look is pretty easy and simple when you know how to match your colours, getting a structured outfit that is perfect for your shape and size. Be polished in your looks (It doesn’t have to be a Dolce & Gabanna suit or accessory but it’s okay if you can afford it) and look out for quality!

See some style ideas on some outfits that speak class!

11326469_351306518412689_1795594817_nCredit via Instagram @stylebyayaba

15056540_1809919049265374_3862238375876493312_nCredit via Instagram @tostos_

11283397_387902531407320_1997008987_nCredit via Instagram @tostos_

11111511_1635297483351207_1430716896_nCredit via Instagram @doopie

More power styles to boost your confidence level? Well then, click on the red tag!

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