LEX: One Of The Reasons Why I Like My Thighs Thick!


So LEX is a curvy goddess in my eyes.

I kid you not.

She has shared on her platform how at her ‘slimmest’ she didn’t have a ‘flat belly’ and now at her ‘biggest’ she still doesnt.

I think people forget that it’s important to be healthy first before anything else.

As long as you are healthy though, you can choose how you want your thighs, hips and whatever else and don’t let anybody tell you different!

Women like this remind me why I like my thighs to touch. 

This is not a post ‘against’ any body type. This is a post that says that I love my curves.

Whatever your body type, shape or form, whether it needs improvement or not, LOVE IT FIRST.







Kanyinsola Ojeshina

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