Find Out The Shocking Reason That Kemen Got Disqualified From The BBNaija House! Happening Right Now!


Kemen is out!

Mr Kemen was disqualified today!

So it’s another eviction day and I’m just lying on my couch, catching up on the juicy Eviction show when I hear Big Brother say that Kemen has been disqualified from the house.

Of course when I hear this my spidey senses kick in and I am sitting upright in a second.

He was never  my favorite housemates for personal reasons but I didn’t think he would do anything so grave.

Big Brother has not actively announced what he did but for you my lovies, I did some digging and found out that Kemen has been quite a bad boy.



Last night, without her consent, he decided to touch Tboss in her sleep!

The information is that Kemen stood up, checked the cameras to see if they were focused on him. When he felt they weren’t, he slid into bed and put his hands in Tbosses panties.

Apparently, Bigbrother caught it and showed an unknowing Tboss the next day. She was very upset about the whole ting.

No matter what a man thinks, if a woman doesn’t give you the go-ahead, you have no reason touching her.

What do you guys think?  Was Big Brother right for kicking him out? I definitely think so!

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