What If You Are 25 And You Are Having A Quarter Life Crisis?

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Breeny Lee

Being the big 2.5 is no joke! Your head does this “special” evaluation and you come to the point where you judge yourself completely.

It’s either of the two; 25 came hitting you or you “really lived”. If you haven’t achieved life goals or societal expectations like getting a good job, having enough money to travel the world, getting married etc, then you most likely may worry yourself into a “quarterly life crisis”. 

The good thing is, you are not the only human being becoming 25 and hasn’t achieved all their goals or met the society’s expectation on marriage. Well, here is a solid advice I’d share with anyone who is unnecessarily drowning in some quarter life crisis through this video by Breeny Lee.

Breeny Lee shares some relatable experiences about when she clocked 25 and guess what, she realises being 25 is the beginning of adulthood and she is doing pretty good.

Watch the video here!


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