Asoebi Styles #110: Dress Like No Other!

Toju Foyeh
Toju Foyeh

You already know Asoebi styles, gele and weddings when you are in Nigeria is a Saturday thing. You can’t take it away from us!

The gist is, your outfit has to stand out like, I mean, stand out totally! As an invitee, your squad has to be lit, your “packaging” from your makeup to your shoes and clutch has to be like no other. Dress to impress hunnay! because you have to show people that the bride or groom has a hottie like you to be invited.

If you attend Nigerian traditional weddings very much, you would understand this already. With all these said, get that outfit that’s so pretty, match the right accessory and hit that wedding party like no other!


Back view of Toju Foyeh’s Outfit. One word, stunning!

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Vickie O.

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