Top 5 Ankara Accessory You Should Have Before Easter!

ankara accessory 3You must have seen one or two of the Ankara accessory at the malls, boutiques etc. It’s always fun to be the one with the coolest items and have others staring at them.A

One of my favourite items here are the choker and headphones and it’s very cool and fun to style with your outfit. The phone cases are also quite new and would be fun to match up as well.

Check out our top 5 Ankara accessories you should get before Easter!

  • ankara accessory 2
    Instagram: @fashionbydaisy
  • ankara accessory 5
    Ankara Bib Cape via Instagram (@ccnecklaces)
ankara accessory
Ankara/Kente phone cases via @allthingsankarastore
ankara accessory 7
Ankara headphones via Instagram @touri_ng
ankara accessory 3
Ankara neckpieces via Instagram @touri_ng
ankara accessory 4
Ankara books or diary

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