Metrogypsie; The Odd Couple Pairing ft Primark Pieces

Matching colours in an outfit could sometimes be a drag of a thought process which makes one resort to a neutrals and less colour. This spring we’d need to go bolder with mixes as seen on the SS17 runway.

Inspired by an article by Alisha Motion for Stylist UK, I decided to wear these colours and source items from Primark in order to achieve a cheap ñ chic vibe.

Green & Plum


Yellow & Blue


Pink & Red


Do you have any odd colour combinations? Tag me on Instagram on your photos. Thanks for your time.

Stephanie | @metrogypsie

Stephanie Metrogypsie


My name is Stephanie Ij, I'm a workaholic. I am always busy thinking about something, doing something and then trying to start doing another, crazy. For example I cannot watch tv without being on my phone or making some list or the other. I've got an MSc in Economics, and Msc in International Business. Also have a degree in Marketing and a Business Analyst qualification. Presently, I'm currently a Management Consultant with a company in London. Extremely enthusiastic about style, trends and most things fashion, I started a Work Fashion blog from my brand name, METROGYPSIE. My flair for style emanated from my dad who was always supportive about my discovering my personal style and experimenting from the age of 8/9 while in primary school. My mum was a tad more conservative but she loved jewelry A LOT. As little as 10 I was already rocking them huge vintage earrings that clipped to shut. 2) Fashion pet-peeve - Females: Wobbling in your heels, it shows you are not comfortable and you obviously cannot portray confidence doing that. - Males: I really love men that smell good so maybe bad smelling men. Lol! 3) What do you love about Fashion? - It's degree of expressiveness is so wide. It inspires me, makes me happy, gives me the opportunity to express what I'm feeling at a point in time, makes me able to categorize people. It's like a genre in life, a certain language as you can communicate and be drawn to certain people without having to say much.