Ankara Styles #302: New Ankara Trends 2

Outfit by Demure By Adenike
Outfit by Demure By Adenike

Yesterday was all about New Ankara trends to try out and here’s a continuation of what was discussed.

I spotted some other interesting styles on ladies and this would help you look as good as new. The Ankara playsuit is something every lady should get their hands on. It’s lovely, chic and very comfortable and just perfect for the weather.

The Ankara Abaya is just another style staple you can’t ignore. Ty Bello was spotted rocking the Ankara Abaya made by Nigerian designer, Abaya Lagos. It’s for the chic who loves to be androgynous in style but wants something comfortable yet chic.

Try out something new and fresh with prints from different backgrounds like your Kente mixed with Ankara, Adiré and Ankara etc.

See all the new styles HERE!

Vickie O.

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