Celebrities And Instagram Beauties Who Got Us Swooning Over Dyed Hair Colour!

Ronke Raji
Ronke Raji

Dying your natural hair to a totally different colour has become a norm. Something usually perceived as wild and uncultured especially if you have African roots, you will understand better.

Well, dyed hair colours have become so much fun and very experimental and is part of beauty enhancement. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing absolutely wrong with your natural hair colour but ladies are trying out other colours which is now fashionable and even trendy.

To be honest, having a particular hair colour for almost 30 years of your life may be quite a bore but trying out something different might just bring that spark and refreshing young look in you. But never overdo it!

Before going all out to dye your hair pink or green, there are a few things you need to know about dying your hair!

  1. Try out a wig of a colour you would love to have on your hair before transforming yourself to someone other people sincerely disapprove of.
  2. You have a hair stylist, here’s the time for them to work! Ask them what looks good on you.
  3. Consider your hair type. As for natural hair ladies, your hair type determines what type of dye and how much dye it needs so it doesn’t break off.
  4. Hair dying has it’s formulas, find out what works for you!
  5. Stay away from water for at least 2weeks before dying and after dying your hair.
  6. Prepare for the damage. You never can tell, just prepare.

Anyho! dyed hair gets everyone swooning when you get it right and you are ready for the high maintenance. I’m even ready to change my dark 4c hair to a blonde.

jackie Aina
Jackie Aina

See why we get swooned!

Aphro Dija
katy perry
Katy Perry
ronke raji
Ronke Raji


Jackie Aina
kylie jenner
Kylie Jenner
Ronke Raji
Ronke Raji

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