Fashion For Church #77: A Stylish Family!

17881568_1362003560488616_3413487866234273792_nFashion for the church should be a family affair! One of my pet peeves when it comes to church fashion is seeing some fab mums or fab dads look so good but ignoring the kids or other members of the family! It’s just an eyesore.

Fashion should run through the family! I’m not trying to be materialistic but a stylish family is a “happy family”. I mean when you all look good and keep it in the family, everyone loves it and learn from all of you.

So, mums, ladies, let style run through your family because it’s fact is that everyone wants to identify with a family that looks good and glowing in the grace of God.

Happy Sunday!

See some beautiful family pictures to church!

Stylish Karen All and her baby girl!
The Edu Victor Family!
The Anelus Family

Ladies, there’s a lot of style inspiration for you still. Click this link to the Style Database! Click HERE

Vickie O.

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