Asoebi Styles #114: Deola Sagoe’s “Komole Kandid” For The Affluent Brides!

komole kandid collection by deola sagoeThe Komole Kandid Collection by one of Nigeria’s famous fashion designers, Deola Sagoe not just rings a bell in your ears. It’s one of the most priced fabrics bought by affluent women, the moneybags are recognised by this brand.

But why not? that’s one of the perks of being hardworking and dedicated to your craft! The Komole Kandid by Deola Sagoe is a handcrafted motif bringing the traditional Aso-Oke and lace fabrics together. The first series of the collection shows a classic bride, everyone looks in admiration when she passes and the second series depicts a young bride’s style after marriage.

These designs like I mentioned earlier is a fusion of locally made Aso-Oke and lace. This signature handcrafted motif is worn by women of class, affluent brides and women who understand honour of the bride.

Let’s take a look at how affluent brides and women of class have worn this brand!

Bride and her bridal train having a good time!
Aisha Pariya in a blush pink motif design
Mimi Gambz
Olori Aramide Eleguishi
Olori Aramide Eleguishi in an ivory rose gold motif
Temimarcella meeting the groom’s parents in style!


The Aderinokuns
The Aderinokuns

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