Stylish Church Hats You Should Really Invest In!


Kate Middleton Dutchess of Cambridge rocking her church hat

Church hats have always been a style staple when it comes to church fashion. It’s a way of honouring the presence of God ( as some Christians believe). It’s either church hats, scarves or turbans that are usually used to cover the hair in the presence of God.

Taking a look at the black American churches, it’s a constant style staple, especially for elderly women. Well, these hats have not been restricted to churches alone but you can find them at the wedding receptions, for specific elitist occasion etc. In Britain, hats are symbolical especially to the Crown. It signifies status and you can see the British crown wear exotic hats and even the Dutchess of Cambridge wears one too for the church service.

Check out some new trendy church hats to wear to church!






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Vickie O.

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