Nims’ Corner – Totally Loving MR By Man Repeller Kitten Heels

Man Repeller, one of my top favourite sites of all time, owned by Leandre Madine, just released some pretty dope shoes. Her debut footwear collection!

The shoes, 6 in number, are so gorgeous but two of them stand out the most for me – The Fruity Loop Kitten Heel and The Pacha Kitten Heel. If you know me, you would know I love my kitten heels! Apart from being so utterly comfortable, saving you the stress of carrying on a slip on, I also firmly believe they go with anything!

So I was absolutely delighted when I saw that the MR by Man Repeller collection had gorgeous kitten heels.


The Fruity Loop Kitten Heel






The Pacha Kitten Heel

MR-Shoes-Vol-2-Man-Repeller-insert-4 (1)




With a going price of $395.00, I am resigned to loving this shoes from afar but who’s to say Santa Claus won’t come early!







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