Skincare: Get Rid Of Oily Skin With These Simple Steps

It’s 3pm and you’re all out of blotting paper. You dab your nose with your wrist and then you dab on your t-bone. You are fustrated, maybe a little annoyed. Why wouldn’t your skin stay matte like Funke across your desk?

If this is you, you are not alone. Oily skin can be very frustrating to manage especially when you have to deal with it on a regular full work day. Your skin produces excess oil due to different factors which includes but not limited to genetics, hormones or the weather in your area. While a little shine could give you that dewy, glowy look, too much could get a little messy.

So, how exactly can you get rid of oily skin?

  • Have An Efficient Skincare Routine

Clean your skin twice a day. Avoid washing your face too regularly as this can result in unnecessary irritation and could even cause the skin to produce even more oil. Avoid oil cleansers as this could leave residues that clog your pores and leaves dark spots. Use foaming cleansers or micellar water instead.

  • Exfoliate regularly

It’s harder for oily skin to shed dead cells so exfoliation is key. Physical exfoliation as well as chemical exfoliation helps speed up cell turnover and prevents clogged pores so your skin has a healthy glow.

  • Moisturize!

A lot of us think oily skin does not need moisturizers. News flash! Oily skin does get dehydrated too. If your skin is lacking hydration, oil production could go into overdrive to compensate. Although your skin needs moisture, avoid thick or cream based moisturizers and instead go for something mattifying.

  • Cut Down on Sugar

Avoiding sugar does wonders for your skin. To satisfy your sugar craving, try fresh fruit juices instead. And drink a lot of water!

  • Get Enough Sleep

Sleep deprivation and excessive stress can cause a spike in androgen production, which in turn spikes up your oil production. So ditch those late nights and extra brooding and watch your skin get less oily.