On Bag Lane Today – DE LOVÉT Presents ‘The Renascence’ Mini Collection

DE LOVÉT, a new accessories brand launched in 2017, recently released a new collection of mini bags and have named it ‘The Renascence’. The Renascence collection is inspired by retro handbags of the 70s and 80s. These bags have now been recreated using modern designs of our time.

De Lovet 2

The Renascence collection was designed with functionality in mind and the designer’s goal was to give women an effortless way to make a chic and minimal yet bold statement.

De Lovet 1

DE LOVÉT understands that every woman is different and aims to make luxury bags that would serve as both practical and functional identity pieces, and would communicate the wearers personality without words.


De Lovet 7

De Lovet 4

De Lovet 3

De Lovet 5




Brand: De Lovet @delovetofficial

Photography: @danteluther_, @itismrgreen & @kasuwaafrica

Models: @vibesbyonyinye, @tolulopeojo, @karinaaguenther

Make up: @theomolarae

Stylist: @styledbykeshiacharles