About Us

Kamdora.com is an online platform that focuses on the Fashion, Beauty and

Lifestyle needs of its readers by providing relevant and valuable content for the

everyday African Woman.

Kamdora was created in 2012. And started out as an e-commerce site and a

middle man between fashion enthusiast and merchants, helping both parties

fulfil their wants and needs for demand and supply.

In 2014, Kamdora’s mission was reviewed – To be the leading online destination

for the everyday African woman which provides every relevant information and

content revolving around Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle. Kamdora has since been

widely accepted by female readers across Africa between the ages of 18 – 35.

Also available on this platform are on-the-go solutions for fashion enthusiasts

and this includes styling, wardrobe rules, celebrity style inspirations, diet

plans/tips and other life style contents which include food recipes, beauty

tutorials, and trends.

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